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Terms & Conditions


Fresh Start Business Solutions LLC (referred to herein as “the Company”) slogans, catchphrases, site verbiage, service terms, designs, forms, materials, and intellectual property are covered under copyright and trademark protection.  No person or entity is permitted to use any of said material for any reason without express written consent from an Officer of the Company.

Visiting and using the Company website and our Service in any manner constitutes your agreement to abide by, and acknowledgment of, the Terms & Conditions set forth.  We have posted and developed the information and material on this site, and via our service marketing materials, in good faith to better describe our service offerings and help assist you.  However, as regulations differ from one locality to the next, service terms and outcomes may differ depending on several factors.  As such, these Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice, and we encourage you to keep yourself up to date to the extent such changes are necessary.  The use of our site and service requires your understanding that the content provided is meant to represent the services we can offer generally, but the Company does not warrant or provide guarantees regarding any particular outcome arising from the use of our service.

Additionally, you agree to accept the information and direction provided on the Company website, marketing materials, and service on an “as is” basis, and understand that the Company and it’s Officers, Employees, or Agents are not responsible for any errors and omissions.  As such, you agree to hold the Fresh Start Business Solutions LLC, any Officers, Employees, and/or other related parties harmless for damages, of any kind, arising directly or indirectly from any reliance on information or guidance provided by our website, service, or related services/providers as applicable.  Please speak to a tax professional if you have question regarding the tax implications, if any, arising from a settlement.  Please speak to a credit professional if you have questions regarding the potential impact on settling accounts with applicable credit reporting agencies.  These Terms & Conditions are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of KS, and should any action arise through the courts, you agree to jurisdiction in that State.

If you have any additional questions about the Terms & Conditions, please contact us at 1-800-604-1784 or

Last Updated 9/5/2017

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