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Our company, and network partners, renegotiate and restructure existing business debts. We achieve this without the need to take out more loans, or file bankruptcy.  Getting creditors to lower payments, and accept reduced balance settlements is our specialty. 


Three Primary Services We Provide To Business Owners In Debt:


  1. Option 1 (most common) – Get your lenders to reduce loan payments by 70% on average, and consolidate them into one low monthly payment. In the process we renegotiate total amount owed, typically discounting your overall balance(s) by 30% or more. Can also get lenders to extend the term of the loan over a longer period of time, freeing up cash flow, and making life & business more manageable.

  2. Option 2 - Reach significantly reduced settlements with creditors paid in a lump sum rather than payments over time. You are poised to save the most/get the best overall deal going this route, however there are more considerations involved, which we can discuss in further detail if it makes sense for you.

  3. Option 3- If you are not experiencing financial problems, but feel like you are paying too much/want to find a better alternative, we know of other reputable financing options that most business owners are unaware of.


Our team of business debt industry pros have decades of industry experience under their belts. Recent experience, which is key to understanding how business creditors operate today, and how to get the most out of any negotiation. We pick up on subtle clues and critical details often overlooked by other firms, and then use them to your advantage. 

We are passionate about helping business owners realize their dreams and full potential. You, and millions of other business owners like you, drive innovation, and are the economic engine pushing us forward. Failure is not an option, whatever your goals may be. Let us advocate on your behalf, so you can move on to life's next chapter, and have a fresh start!

OUR STORY: Why We Care. Why We Are The Best At What We Do.

-President, Matt Bailiff


On a day that started out much like any other, a collector barged into my office with a fax in hand. She had a business owner on the phone, and they wanted to speak to the person in charge! I glanced at the stack of papers, then back up waiting for an explanation (fully expecting to hear about how she had offended this person). To my surprise, the collector stated that it was not her, or our agency that this business owner was upset with, rather the business debt settlement company she hired to pay us! I took this news in stride, as this had not been the first, or last time I heard complaints directed towards debt settlement companies. When I started to look through the 10 page fax I quickly realized this was different. This desperate business owner signed up with a debt settlement company trying to get out of trouble, only to find herself even deeper in it.


I tried to talk her off the ledge. She had a loan for almost $50,000 in our office the debt settlement company told her was being paid. In reality, almost every penny she paid in so far (in excess of $14,000) had gone toward their “retainer fee”.  As I went through the contract with her, line by line, it was shocking. There were hidden fees and contingencies at every turn - all in place for the sole benefit of the debt settlement company. If she had continued on the plan they prescribed, she would have paid 92% of what was originally owed. Most of it would have ended up in the hands of the debt debt settlement company. As if this bad news was not enough, she still had fairly decent credit, but the debt settlement company did not pass along information about credit reporting. She had 60 days before personal credit reporting went out, and it had been 70. It is why she called in the first place. She had no idea that this was not being taken care of until it hit her credit reports.

She was desperate at the time, and did not fully understand what she signed up for. As a result she lost $14,000 the company refused to refund, along with having a $50,000 “Collection Item” on her otherwise spotless credit report. The damage was done for her, and after the call I felt horrible. I managed to shake it off at the time. After all, I still had an operation to manage and a job to do, but as time went on I kept thinking about this business owner. Her desperate and devastating situation. A seed was planted that day, and I was curious to find out how often things like this were going on. When possible, I had my collectors ask business owners to send us a copy of the agreement between them and their debt settlement companies. Over a relatively short period of time the ugly truth revealed itself – this type of arrangement was not an isolated incident.  Many commercial debt settlement companies were misrepresenting their services and ripping off the clients.

I realized I wanted to switch sides, and start helping business owners get out of debt the right way. The perfect opportunity presented itself for me to do so when my parent company was acquired by a competitor.  I was growing tired of helping creditors recover what was owed, especially from people that put everything on the line.  Risk takers, entrepreneurs, people I have looked up to my entire life. People whose businesses had been abruptly upended by an unforeseen situation, gone further into debt, and in the aftermath left fully exposed to the whims of their creditors.

That woman, and that fax, set me on a course to create Fresh Start Business Solutions, LLC. We are proud to now pledge allegiance to you – the business owner - with a renewed sense of purpose: Our efforts are better spent squeezing creditors for their best deal, than you for your last dollar.

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